We offer a broad scope of Inspection Services, all of which our inspectors have received state licensing and advanced national certification through InterNACHI.

Full Residential Inspection

Our Full Residential Inspection is an unbiased, professional assessment of the condition of the house. It provides you an expert opinion and professional report on the condition of the physical structure and various systems within a house, giving you peace of mind on what is likely the largest purchase you'll ever make.

The inspection process typically takes about 2.5 hours to complete. This of course may vary, according to the size and condition of the home. We strongly encourage you to accompany the inspector after the inspection. This will give you a chance to ask questions and become familiar with the systems of the home as you walk through together. During the inspection it is difficult to talk to the client as it may become distracting.

We will inspect all the structural elements and systems of the home. Items that will typically be included in an inspection are:

  1. Framing (structure)
  2. Roof and attic
  3. Foundation
  4. Walls
  5. Electrical system
  6. Plumbing system
  7. Heating and air conditioning systems
  8. Kitchen
  9. Bathrooms
  10. Interior rooms
  11. Building exterior


Additional items and systems unique to a particular home can also be inspected.

When the inspection is complete, we will tell you of any problems that were discovered and discuss them with you. We will also tell you about any routine maintenance that should be performed, as well as answer any questions you may have. You will receive a complete written report of the inspection.

4-Point Insurance Inspection

A 4-Point Inspection is a requirement for most homes in the state of Florida (a must for homes older than 25 years). This inspection consists of a visual and/or operational test of the Heating/Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Roof, and Electrical systems. Our certified inspectors use Citizens-approved forms to ensure the report will be accepted by your insurer.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

As a homeowner with windstorm insurance, you may be entitled to certain premium reductions, but without an inspection, you can’t get them! If you haven’t had a wind mitigation inspection at your current home, you are PROBABLY PAYING TOO MUCH FOR YOUR WINDSTORM INSURANCE!

During a wind mitigation inspection, a certified inspector reports on the key features that may decrease the amount of damage your home suffers during a hurricane or strong windstorm. These features fall into several categories, such as exterior construction type, roof shape and construction methods, age of roof covering, door and window opening protection as well as the actual year the home was built. Another factor may be the elevation of a property and how it relates to wind speed.

You will receive a detailed report to submit to your insurance provider. 

Pool/Spa Inspection

The objective of our visual pool inspection is to determine if the pool and related equipment may benefit from a more thorough inspection by a qualified pool specialist. The scope of our inspection includes a limited visual inspection of the pool electrical system, primary circulation system, pool barrier system, the pool interior surface and surrounding deck. We do not dismantle components such as filters, pumps and heaters. We do not test water chemistry. We do not test or operate pool heaters, cleaning systems, control valves, chemical injectors or similar components.

Chimney/Fireplace Inspection

Our visual, limited scope inspection will cover the exterior condition of a chimney, the cap, the flue, the roof flashings and the vent connectors from the appliances. We will also review the interior aspects of the fireplace. Our goal is to determine whether a more thorough inspection by a specialist would be recommended.

Pre-Sale Residential Inspection

This inspection is offered to sellers. Click here to learn why it is so important to get this inspection BEFORE the contract phase.